Rizos Nikos

Rizos Nikos

Born: 30-09-1924
Died: 20-04-1999
From: Greece, Arta


Nikos Rizos was a Greek actor. He took part in many Greek comedies in cinema. He married Elsa Rizou and raised a son.

He made his first career in the classic film Anthropoi, anthropoiPeople, People in 1948 at the Metropolitan Theatre and made his own company in 1959, he ran the company in 1961 as Vasilis Avlonitis - Georgia Vasileiadou - Nikos Rizos which he took part made his great success in 1965, appeared in different comedies in Greece and Germany for the immigrants and Greeks abroad.

In 1986, he appeared at the Astor Theatre on Stadiou Street which he ran from the artistic performance until 1990. Nikos Rizos changed and he was a much lucky theatrical enterpreneur for 27 years.

He played around 300 comedy films including To soferaki with Giorgos Tzavellas, O thisavros tou makariti with Nikos Tsiforos, O Klearchos, i Marina kai o kontos, Simoria eraston and more.

On television, he starred alongside Martha Karagianni in the show O dromos (The Riad) with Kostas Lychnaras and writer Kostas Pretenteris and in 1999 in the TV presentation of the novel by academician Tassos Athanassiadis I aithousa tou thronou on Mega. It was his last appearance on television.

His last years of his life were spent in Gkyzi. Nikos Rizos died of a heart attack on April 20, 1999 and rushed himself into the hospital where he suffered from edema[2] He is buried at Athens First Cemetery.