Born: 14-05
Web site:
From: Romania


Mattyas was born on the 14th May. He studied at the Music School, piano and trumpet and after his graduation he attended vocal lessons. Immediatelly after, he created his own pop band, with him as the leading singer, which had great success in his country. At that time, he worked with famous producers.
In 2006 opened the concert given by Vaya con dios. The live performance of the concert was released on cd by EMI international. Mattyas has also coexisted in an album which was released worldwide by EMI International, together with international famous artists like Ricky Martin, Jmp, Pachanga etc.
At the end of 2009 under the guidance of his manager he entirely changes the sound and the style of songs releasing “Secret love”.
Starting from Albania and Serbia where the song is played on radios and clubs, till Israel, Spain and Scandinavia, Secret love stopped being a “secret” any more and started spreading from club to club, from radio to radio.
The song and the clip is played in Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Israel, Italy, Spain, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium and many more while Mattyas is preparing his next single.