Mantzourakis Sarantis

Mantzourakis Sarantis

Born: 1967
From: Hungary, Budapest


Sarantis Mantzourakis was born in a Greek family in Hungary in 1967.
He has been a professional singer and bouzouki-artist since 1989.

His instruments are: bouzouki, tzoura, baglama, guitar, and bass guitar.
He regulary performs in Hungary, and in several countries of Europe as well (e.g. Austria, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands).

He works music collected from all around Greece up. Meanwhile, He performs his own compositions.
In his music the traditions of Greek Folkmusic is embodied by using original instruments and sound.
Rembetika, lakia, dimotika, elafrolaika, nisiotika, pondiaka from the 1920's to these days are all covered.
Well-known teachers taught him to play bouzouki in Greece, and he has been improving his knowledge since then. He can play the six- and eight-stringed bouzouki. His voice was trained to the Greek singing traditions.

Folkmusic and classicals are both on his repertoire. At his classical concerts he plays his rewritings from the greatest composers' Brahms, Dvorak, Mozart, Bizet.