Kladi Alexandra

Kladi Alexandra

Born: 1981
From: Greece, Zakynthos


Alexandra Kladi is a singer and a songwriter. She grew up in Zakynthos, an Ionian island of western Greece, with a rich traditional musical culture, which still inspires her. She studied classical music for many years but her musical influences went beyond the classical stuff. Experimenting in different musical styles for a long period of time she found that blending traditional instruments like the accordion or the mandolin in her orchestrations could create an amazingly playful contrast with the utterly contemporary lyrics and sometimes harmony and rhythm of her songs. The lyrics are Greek and mainly referring to the human relationships as they are seen from the perspective of a young woman who lives in a big contemporary city, all stories given with a certain hint of irony and self-sarcasm. In 2010 she released a Maxi Single with 6 songs (“Sti Hora Tis Aperantis Giortis” – 13Gods), and in 2011 she published a children’s Book – CD (Flora and the magic compass – Ellinoekdotiki) with 4 songs. Now she performs her new songs around Greece with her band and she is in the process of recording her new album.