Hatzakis Giorgos

Hatzakis Giorgos

Born: 02-1976
From: Greece, Kamares, Crete


Giorgis Hatzakis was born in February 1976 at the mountainous village Kamares in Heraklion. He was still only a young child when he was first fascinated by Cretan music and the lyre.

Member of a big family with a long musical tradition – his father played the lute- he started playing the lyre at his village mostly at wedding receptions and other events. The reviews he received were very good. By the age of 15, he was an experienced lyrist and singer whose reputation had spread to the rest of the island. Nowadays, Giorgis Hatzakis with his brother Alekos -who plays the lute - are a promising musical duet with a strong presence in the genre of the Cretan music.