Tzelepi Fouli


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From: Greece, Thessaloniki


Fouli Tzelepi is a contemporary Greek singer. Tzelepi was born in Thessaloniki to a family that originally hailed from Serres. She started her professional singing career at age 18. She has cooperated with many famous artists.



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Most popular

1. Pos boreses (3:23)
2. Alli mia fora (4:45)
3. Tora fige (3:10)
4. Mou 'lipses (3:39)
5. Pos boreses (3:23)
6. Agapi mou megali (3:31)
7. Alli mia fora (4:43)
8. Ise s'alli agkalia (3:23)
9. Alli mia fora (4:42)
10. Ti adikia (3:54)

On Air

Idou o nimfios erhete


Menexedenia ta vouna


O horos tou nerou


Tin agapi gia na mathis



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