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Born: 08-06-1954
Died: 27-04-2008
From: Greece, Lemessos


Marios Tokas (Μάριος Τόκας) (June 8, 1954 – April 27, 2008) composer of traditional music born in Limassol, Cyprus. In the 1974 invasion, he fought as a soldier against the Turkish invadors. In 1975 he went to Athens in order to study in the philosophical school.[1] At the same time, he studied in the Ethniko Odio because he wanted to start a career as a musician. In 2004, Tokas and his six-member orchestra gave a concert in Vienna. The concert was co-organised by the Greek Society of Austria and the Athens Sports Association "Pantalkis" with the support of the General Secretariat of Hellenism Abroad of the Greek Foreign Ministry, under the auspices of the Cypriot ambassador to Austria.
Marios Tokas has worked with some of the most famous Greek singers.Dimitris Mitropanos, Constantina, Yiannis Parios, Aleka Kanellidou, Charis Alexiou, Dimitra Galani, Dionisis Theodosis, Katerina Kouka, Antonis Kalogiannis and Manolis Mitsias are just a few of them. He always offered free of charge concerts every summer in his native Cyprus, for all the 18year olds that were going for their 26 month compulsory service in the National Guard.


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Μια ιστορία..."Σαν τρελό φορτηγό"

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16 May 11, 23:32
Ο Μάριος Τόκας υπογράφοντας συμβόλαιο αποκλειστικής συνεργασίας με την τότε MINOS στο δεύτερο μισό της δεκαετίας του ’80, πέτυχε το ακατόρθωτο: «Πάντρεψε» στον ίδιο δίσκο τον Γιάννη Πάριο, τη Χάρις Αλεξίου και τη Δήμητρα Γαλάνη (την τετράδα συμπλήρωνε ο αξέχαστος Διονύσης...

Most popular

1. Psila ta heria (3:18)
2. Kratise me edo konta sou (3:37)
3. Didima fengaria (3:56)
4. Apopse ola mou ta epit... (2:41)
5. Mia vrohi (3:22)
6. Ela tis trelis an thes... (3:14)
7. Ise elevtheri (2:59)
8. Alitis (2:54)
9. Thalasses (3:56)
10. Fantasou (2:58)

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Girna xana


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


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