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Born: 14-03-1968
From: Germany, Dusseldorf


Nektarios Sfyrakis was born in Germany, though of Cretan origin, he relocated to Greece and grew up in Piraeus.
His interest in music began at the age of 14 where he joined a church choir group in Piraeus. While in school he worked as a musician.
Upon completing his schooling he left Greece to explore with various forms of music in Austria, France and Germany.
When he returned to Greece he served as a novice sub-lieutenant, after his term of military service   more...he came into contact with a representative of WARNER MUSIC and in 1997 he released his first album titled “DEN IME POUTHENA” On this album we find the known titles “den ime pouthena”, “nai mou to’ pane”, “logia logia” “ise pia sto parelthon” and “anteho”. The next album released was “APOPSE FEFGO” in 1998 with the hits “tha’ rxome krifa tis nihtes”, “psemata” and “apopse fefgo”. Nektarios Sfyrakis was honoured when Vasilis Skoulas, a prominent Cretan folkloric musician (a colleague of Gianni Markopoulos), took part in this album.


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Most popular

1. Hambimbi (Greek Version) (3:50)
2. Na thimase (3:17)
3. Ise (3:52)
4. Ise - I Can't Live (3:49)
5. Elevtherothika (3:57)
6. Mou to pane (3:13)
7. Taxe mou (3:24)
8. Na mi girisis na me ki... (2:51)
9. Tha se perimeno (4:14)
10. Otan agapao (3:52)

On Air

Idou o nimfios erhete


Menexedenia ta vouna


O horos tou nerou


Tin agapi gia na mathis


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9 December 10
9 December 10, 18:55
Ψάχνω να βρω ενα τραγουδι του Νεκταριου Σφυρακη το "αντεχω" απο το youtube αλλα δεν μπορω μπορειτε να με βοηθησετε σας παρακαλω. Ευχαριστω.
17 March 20
10 December 10, 09:43
Νομίζω αυτό ψάχνεις: /redirect?url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3JjVfnseOA&hash=876b6b4aa70c92f8d172bbeb47c8a84a
Marika Marikoula
25 December 11
25 December 11, 20:09
Θα 'ρχομαι κρυφά τις νύχτες.....Φοβερό!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!