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Born: 30-04
From: Greece, Ioannina


Antigoni Katsouri was born and grown up in Ioannina (Greece) and also lived in USA (Washington D.C), Germany (Tubingen), and in Athens, where - apart from her musical studies - she studied LAW at the University of Athens.
She has been granted the DIPLOMA OF PIANO, with the EXCELLENT GRADE, as well as the DIPLOMA OF LICENTIATESHIP IN PIANOFORTE from the Thames Valley University, London College of Music [EXCELLENT GRADE and distinction-title L.L.C.M.].
Meanwhile she took vocal, accordion, and bouzouki lessons and she developed her other interests, such as painting - drawing (FIRST PRIZE in Europe in the 37th European Contest of Painting), icon making etc.
Since eight (8) years old she started composing and singing her first songs and at the age of ten (10) years old she was presented as a "MIRACLE - CHILD" in the national T.V. and radio programs in Greece.
Parallel to her occupation as Lawyer and Notary, she has been professionally occupied with singing and playing the piano and synth since a very young age and she has taken part in many concerts and lives in Greece, solo and with big greek artists, like MARIOS TOKAS, LAKIS PAPADOPOULOS etc.


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1. Sinialo (3:59)
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4. Ouranio toxo (4:20)
5. Taxidevo (3:30)
6. Thalassa (4:48)
7. Agkalia se kratao (4:24)
8. Den me niazi (4:54)
9. Valitsa (3:40)
10. A re patera (4:04)

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