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From: Greece, Crete


Maria Katinari was born in Chania (Crete). Her first acoustical impressions were eastern sounds and Minor Asiatic nursery songs of their grandparents. She grew up in a family, where music was always present.
Her father, Antonios Katinaris was a well-known, very successful composer and a highly gifted Bouzouki-artist.
Her mother, Maria Rippi, likewise an artist in the service of the music, was in her youth successful as a singer of current and traditional Greek music. Like Maria Katinari, Maria Rippi was originated also from an artist family with her father, Maria Katinaris grandfather, a well-known musical multi-talent, connected at his time to the outstanding singer Rosa Eskenazi in music business and friendship.
In such a manner familiar "preloaded" Maria Katinari began very early to continue the family tradition.
At the age of thirteen years she joined a rock band, in order to sing. A priori she concealed it before its parents. The artistic soul, paired with juvenile love to risks drove her just 16 years old to travel singing through Europe during the school vacations .
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9 March 11, 18:48
TIVO – TEYXOΣ 163 ΣΥΝΕΝΤΕΥΞΗ ΜΑΡΙΑ ΚΑΤΙΝΑΡΗ interview questions and answers for "TIVO" Magazine Πρόλογος: Με αφορμή τη νέα κυκλοφορία της συλλογής – αφιέρωμα στον χαρισματικό λαϊκό συνθέτη Αντώνη Κατινάρη, συναντήσαμε την άξια συνεχιστή της πλούσιας αυτής μουσικής προίκας, την κόρη του...

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1. Ime mia tsahpina (3:54)
2. Barmberaki (4:10)
3. O koumbouras ap΄ti vathi (3:47)
4. Tzogadoros (3:13)
5. Morti thelo ki as pethano (3:15)
6. Ime giftissa tsingana (3:52)
7. Magkissa matsaragkissa (3:29)
8. Ke en to metaxi (3:11)
9. Ke en to metaxi (3:11)
10. Konialis (2:52)

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Zorba The Greek



27 February 15
28 February 11, 16:37
Μαρία Κατινάρη... σπουδαία ερμηνεύτρια και πανέμορφη γυναίκα!!!
Dafni Tryfona
6 March 11
6 March 11, 21:06
η μαρια η κατηναρη ειναι μοναδικη τραγουστρια γυναικα φιλη και μανουλα !!!!