Karapatakis Vasilis


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Born: 1922
Died: 27-03-1974
From: Greece, Karditsa


He was born in Karditsa in 1922. His real surname is Kapsalis. He recorded his first song at the age of 27. His first success was “otan kimate o distixis”. At the end of his career he opened a music school in Egaleo. Until the end of his days he was composing songs. He died of cancer with bouzouki in his arms in 1974.


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Most popular

1. Thlimmena vradia (3:20)
2. Otan kimate o distihis (3:28)
3. Sti himoniatiki vrohi (3:19)
4. Min kitazis to roloi (3:20)
5. To alkooliki (2:52)
6. I palia agapi (3:27)
7. Ela koritsi mou (4:05)
8. I kinonia (3:23)
9. Mi me rotate (2:50)
10. Na figi o ponos o varis (2:38)

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Zorba The Greek



28 August 13
22 February 10, 10:43
"I perasmenes mou hares" album is a wonderful album and also one of the best greek music albums which I have ever listened.