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Born: 05-02-1964
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From: Cyprus, Amohostos


Singer, composer and lyricist, Alexia Vassiliou, a native of Greece, was encouraged by her family to pursue a passion in music and has been performing since 1981. Her theme song for the "I am Siam" soundtrack reached the Billboard's Top 100 in 1982 and while working towards a bachelor's in performance at the Berklee College of Music,she was chosen to sing a composition by Chick Corea during one of the school's concerts. The two artists had an opportunity to work together again in 1996 on Chick Corea's album "In a Jazz Mood". From the late 80s through the 90s, Alexia collaborated with many European artists over the span of 20 albums, most of which became gold or platinum. She broadened her artistry in the 2000s with creative writing workshops under alternative Nobel Prize nominee and feminist activist Christiana Lambrinides and had the opportunity to meet influential authors and activists such as Toni Morrison, Djuna Barnes, and Helene Cixous. Her current album project, "Re-bE", demonstrates her improvisational, and narrative talents while Peter Massink's recent jazz album "Birds Have to Fly" showcase her compositional aptitude.
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6. Matia mou (3:53)
7. Ximeroni (7:06)
8. The street I live (voi... (5:55)
9. How High The Moon (6:42)
10. I kambanes htipoun (6:18)

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Girna xana


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


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