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Event at Mikro Pallas

Vasilikos in Mikro Pallas
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Vasilikos in Mikro Pallas

Vassilikos, composer, lyricist and voice of the band Raining Pleasure, performs, this time solo, in Mikro Pallas. After a twenty-year career in the independent music scene with the band, he released his own work entitled 'Vintage' and he presents it in a series of appearances on March 14, 15, 21 and 22. This work is a wonderful collection of old, English-speaking classic songs of Paul Anka, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, George Gershwin, Lou Reed and others. Vassilikos makes this work a masterpiece, with the unique voice and the original orchestrations and this music show is an event not to be missed!

Address: Athens, Amerikis 2 & Stoa Spiromiliou, CityLink, Athens
Tel. number: 210 32 10025
Price(s): 30 euro, students 20 euro
Mikro Pallas
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