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Event at Baraki tou Vasili

Ypogia Revmata at the 'Baraki tou Vasili'
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Ypogia Revmata at the 'Baraki tou Vasili'

The ‘Ypogeia Revmata’ group plays on 7 February at ‘Baraki tou Vasili’ for a unique evening of electric rock greek music, and will entertain the audience with their hits and songs also from their new album "I've had enough ..."


The ‘Ypogeia Revmata’, the band with a significant and longlasting presence in the Greek rock scene, have been very active with concerts through the years and this brought its members closer. So, after all these years their sound has become matured and they establish a kind of rock music with a genuine lyrical and introspective mood, giving importance to to poetic lyrics, which is a typical characteristic of the songs the band.

Address: Athens, Didotou 3, Kolonaki
Tel. number: 210-3623625
Baraki tou Vasili
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