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Event at Angelon Vima like a fairytale
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Aggelon Vima presents mrs. Zozo Sapountzaki!


A music biography about the first show-woman of Greek music stage.


The musical production "Zozo...Life as a fairytale" continues from Wednesday 5th January and every Wednesday, after the big success and great reviews it had received.


Our beloved Zozo, in a night of her personal confession. 


Songs from her memories and tales from Constantinopole to Thessaloniki and America. She will sing for us songs that come from her soul, unfolding her life. She will describe the best moments of her career and her unexpected meetings with Sofia Vembo, Αnthony Quinn, Manos Hatzidakis, Giorgos Zambetas and of course the thousands of people that deified her at Odeon of Herodes.


Concept and direction: Dimitris Malissovas 

Script: Dimitris Malissovas - Panos Bratakos

Piano: Vasilis Tsantis

Bouzouki: Stelios Tzanetis


To secure your ticket contact 210 5242211 & 210 5242213, Mondays to Fridays from 11.00 till 14.00 and from 18.00 till 22.00.

Address: Athens, Satovriandou 36, Omonia, 104 31
Tel. number: 210 5242211 & 210 5242213
Price(s): 20€ with a drink
Angelon Vima
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