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Vasilis Skoulas - Manos Pirovolakis
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Vasilis Skoulas - Manos Pirovolakis

Two great and experienced musicians coming from Crete, Vassilis Skoulas and Manos Pyrovolakis together in a surprise show!
Representing two different worlds and generations, but having in common the Cretan Lyra and their songs, in a show that takes us to a trip from the traditional melodies of yesterday to today’s alternative pop – rock music.
Manos Pyrovolakis, an exceptional songwriter, gives us a pleasant surprise by traveling us in music paths that we are not used to, without losing his personal style, including songs that we loved in the past.
As an artist of the alternative – ethnic scene, he managed to put together the Cretan Lyra melodies and the alternative pop sounds in his songs (“An i agapi”, “To Hamogelo Sou”, Noah’s Ark, “Porta”, “Sinialo” a.o.)
Vassilis Skoulas is also a name with great story in Cretan music. One of the top traditional artists whose work in music has been an important influence to younger musicians. He has collaborated with many great performers of Greek music. He has also managed to bring his special melodies in the theatre world, collaborating with Giannis Voglis at the play “To Kafeneion I Ellas” and at Nikos Kazantzakis’ play “Capetan Michalis”.
The link between the two artists is the constant research, trying to put their music in new paths, that lead and evolve the great sounds of Crete.
In a unique entertaining trip of music surprises, with the view of giving us nights of magic and good music.
Together with Paris Perisinakis, a multitalented Cretan musician who has six personal albums in his career.
Sweet epilogue is the wonderful voice of Iliana Papalexi.


Address: Athens, Lambrou Katsoni 189
Tel. number: 210-2610444, 2610438
Price(s): 15
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