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Founded: 2002
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From: Greece, Athens


The group Trifono came together in the spring of 2002 and has already taken its place amongst the most highly respected performers in contemporary Greek music. The group’s profound understanding of long-established melodic traditions, the balance between seasoned and contemporary melodies, fused with strong rhythms and embraced by dynamic three part harmonies; make the Trifono a prime ambassador of folkloric and modern Byzantine, Cretan, Macedonian, Epirus and Hellenic music styles.
The group sets an example in the effort to preserve quality in art. This effort, nowadays, continuously finds more and more followers among the new generation in Greece. The group concentrates on the diversity of Greek music. They travel back into antiquity, folklore, and arrive to the contemporary. Contemporary composers like Theodorakis , Hatzidakis , Xarhakos, , and great poets like Kavafis , Seferis , Gatsos, Ritsos, Kavadias, Nikolakopoulou , act as a source of inspiration for the group.
Original compositions along with the immeasurable musical and poetic heritage of Greece make the backbone of the group’s repertoire.


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Most popular

1. Tis Haras Magazi (2:41)
2. Na m' agapas (5:26)
3. Haramata i ora tris (3:57)
4. Magikos horos (4:15)
5. I vouli ton Agion (3:08)
6. Os to telos tou erota (4:15)
7. Nihtopedi (4:03)
8. Pano ap' ola esi (2:59)
9. Here It Is (4:07)
10. Trelos (4:18)

On Air

Me ta fota nistagmena


Stou Belami to ouzeri


Strose to stroma sou gia dio


Ilios De Vgeni An Den Pis Kalimera


Ena ki ena kanoun dio


Day After Day


To domatio



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