Ploutarxos Giannis


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Born: 18-12-1970
From: Greece, Livadia


Yiannis Ploutarhos (or Yiannis Kakossaios as this is his real name) was born in 18th December 1970 in a small village outside Orxomenos called Mavrogia. He lived there until the age of sixteen, he then decided to go to Athens to make his dream come true: to become a singer.
He sang professionally for the first time in a small music hall in Koridalos area. Disappointed by the conditions prevailing in the music business, he abandoned it twice and occupied himself with other professions and in particular hairdressing so as to make a living.
But something urged him to come back to singing. Two years after his first appearance, he sang in "Rodolfo". Big music halls followed such as "Neraida", "Fantasia", and "Tunnel" where he worked with well-known artists such as Giannis Poulopoulos, Rita Sakelariou, Themis Adamantidis and contemporary singers such as Stelios Rokos and Giorgos Mazonakis.
Wherever he worked, he made fans but most of all friends. That was when he met Dimitris Kardagis and Ilias Filipou who had both faith in him and his talent and brought him into contact with his first producer Giorgos Makrakis.


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Σάββατο έκλαψα για σένα

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12 January 11, 09:24
Μείναν μόνο λίγα φώτα αναμμένα σαν τα λόγια μας που ήταν μετρημένα μείνανε μόνο δυο τρεις τοίχοι να μου λένε όσοι είναι μοναχοί Σαββάτο κλαίνε Σαββάτο έκλαψα για σένα μα Κυριακή χαράματα είδα πως ήσουν ένα ψέμα σπάζοντας χίλια πράγματα Σαββάτο έκλαψα για σένα μα Κυριακή...

Most popular

1. Sto antitheto revma (3:36)
2. Den me perni (4:25)
3. An ftes esi (3:29)
4. Pio monopati (4:29)
5. Den me perni (4:25)
6. An ftes esi (3:30)
7. Ise omorfi (3:14)
8. Sto antitheto revma (3:36)
9. I kardia mou ine zalis... (4:00)
10. Anasa mou (3:25)

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Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


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