Garmbi Keti


Fans (25)

Born: 08-06-1961
From: Greece, Piraeus, Egaleo


Katerina 'Katy' Garbi (Greek: Κατερίνα 'Καίτη' Γαρμπή; born June 8, 1963, in Egaleo, Athens) is a Greek singer active in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. Her career has spanned over 20 years and is marked by several multi-platinum releases.
Garbi began her singing career with her younger sister Liana as the "Garbi Sisters" when she was just 15 years old and Liana 13. Due to their tender ages, their father was against their careers as singers, but did not want to stand in the way of any promising future the two might have. He always was there as a "guardian angel" to protect them. Garbi learned from a very young age how to work and earn her way, she remembers she and Liana drinking milk during those performances in clubs. She and her sister are most remembered for the back-up vocals they provided at Yannis Floriniotis's performances in the early eighties.
On meeting male popstar Dionisis Schinas, Garbi realized the presence of sudden spark between both of them.
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1. Akouo tin kardoula sou... (3:28)
2. Ola tha ta gkremiso (3:30)
3. Evesthisies (4:19)
4. Alitaki mou (3:56)
5. Thelo na kano mazi sou... (3:24)
6. Pio pano apo sena (3:55)
7. Mi mou zitas (3:48)
8. Telia ke pavla (3:17)
9. Ierosilia (3:40)
10. Hamena (3:49)

On Air

Hameno tipota den pai ston kosmo ton trelon


Perimeni o ouranos(Gero Noe)


Sta Trikala pefti o himonas


Otan tha gennithi o gios sou


Ela na dis ton topo mou


O magos tou vounou


To tragoudi tou thanatou



Enis Anastasi
3 February 11
3 February 11, 15:22
keti ise mia kuklla
Nikos Giakouvis
8 April 11
8 April 11, 11:03