Bofiliou Natassa


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Born: 1983
From: Greece, Athens


Natassa Bofiliou was born in Athens in 1983. She studies political science at the University of Athens. She has studied piano and music theory at the Greek Odeum. She has participated in concerts with Hronis Aidonidis.
Her first appearance on discography was in 2004 with the cd “Defteri Akroasi tis Mikris Arktou”, where she sings: “Aspirini” (by Gerasimos Evangelatos and Kostas Tsirkas) and “Poios kserei” (by Maria Polydouri and M. Selitsaniotis).
Her first personal album (2005) - a collaboration with friends Gerasimos Evangelatos (lyrics) and Kostas Tsirkas (music) entitled “100 mikres anases” (100 short breaths), introduces Natassa as one of the most promising voices of her generation.
In 2006 Stamatis Kraounakis offers her two songs (Erastes, Tetoia mera) in the soundtrack of Nikos Panagiotopoulos’ film “Pethenontas stin Athina” (Dying in Athens).
On March 2007 she performs live and records the 2 track mini album “En lefko” by Gerasimos Evangelatos and Themis Karamouratidis.


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Περιοδείες καλλιτεχνών 2011/2012

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6 December 12, 18:06
ΝΑΤΑΣΣΑ ΜΠΟΦΙΛΙΟΥ 16/11 : Λευκωσία Κύπρου. Μουσική σκηνή Αυλαία 24/11 : Επτά Τεχνών Τόπος , Κέρκυρα 1/12: Θεσσαλονίκη, Block 33 7/12: Θεσσαλονίκη, Block 33   ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΖΕΡΒΟΥΔΑΚΗΣ Μαζί του η Σοφία Γεωργαντζή Από 8/11, κάθε Πέμπτη ΘΕΣ/ΝΙΚΗ, Μικρό Stage ΠΟΡΤΟΚΑΛΟΓΛΟΥ & ΠΛΙΑΤΣΙΚΑΣ Από...

Most popular

1. To metrima (3:56)
2. I meres tou fotos (4:29)
3. Du Tonic (3:15)
4. I ombreles tou Demy (3:57)
5. Etsi ine avta (3:41)
6. Strongili fotia (3:16)
7. Pios xeri (3:38)
8. Pes o ti thes (3:37)
9. S' avto ton kosmo (3:15)
10. To domatio (4:26)

On Air

Girna xana


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


Pente ellines ston Adi


Pente magkes ston Pirea





Κώστας Φερετζάκης
12 June 11
7 March 12, 21:46
ειναι.. οτι το πιο ωραιο!!!!! την λατρευω!!!